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Product Support
We support and guide academic institutions to select the right software tools including hands-on support, which enables them to integrate technology into curriculum.

Project-focused training

We provide projects and courseworks to help students validate their skills, boost career opportunities, and build experience through outcome-based education.

Professional and student development

We boost students, educators, and professional credentials through industry-recognized certifications. We build a pool of on-campus certified educators and student experts in design.

Design for Medical Innovation


Earn recognition by industry pros through Autodesk Design for Industry challenges, and compete against students from around the world.

The Autodesk® Design for Medical Innovation Challenge gives you a chance to amplify your skills in support of your future career and an opportunity to share your designs with industry professionals.

Use Autodesk® Fusion 360™ to Design a New Piece of Medical Equipment and Redesign the Latitude Consult System and you could win cash prizes, recognition, and virtual mentoring time with industry leaders from:

Boston Scientific®, a global leader dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.

Simply create 3D models of your design concept for any of two product categories (you may submit designs of one or two product categories):

Design a New Piece of Medical Equipment

Redesign the Latitude Consult System

Consider aesthetics, comfort, mobility, performance, and personalization. Each student can submit one design in any of the two product types for a maximum of three (3) entries. Simply follow the guidelines. Learn more about participation and the Official Rules.

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Level up, be recognized, be Autodesk Certified!

Why certify? Here are a few major benefits:

  1. Stand out with an Autodesk Certification.
  2. Set yourself apart and receive industry recognition for proven expertise with Autodesk® software.
  3. Accelerate your professional development, and help enhance your credibility and career success.
  4. Validate your skills, and join an elite team of Autodesk Certified users and professionals.
  5. Display your Autodesk Certified certificate, use your Autodesk Certified logo, highlight your achievement, and get noticed with your name in the Autodesk Certified Users and Professionals database.

The benefits are numerous. Have your skills validated, and show the world what you’ve got.